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3 Bedroom Luxury Villas in goa

Our 3 bedroom Luxury Villas in Goa provides the ideal setting for a peaceful holiday. Private swimming pools, beach views, sophisticated dwelling and dining areas and supremely cozy bedroom suites are the basic facilities of our villas. Designed in typical Goan style, our villas are found just footsteps away from the reach off the beautiful and stunning huge sandy beaches of Goa. All our villas are totally staffed allowing you to take advantage of every moment of your vacation whilst the day to day tasks and needs are looked after on your behalf. Every one of the three bedrooms is tastefully and artistically selected with furniture and materials of India while the bathrooms are big and visually pleasing. Situated in a peaceful area, the 3 bedroom Luxury villas are just a couple of minutes drive from the vibrant town center of Goa with its original bars and restaurants, as well as some excellent beaches. Additionally, the interesting sites and nightlife centres of Goa are just 10 minutes away.