Luxury Villas for Sale in Goa

Luxury Villas in Goa for Sale

Luxurystays being a prosperous and steadfast real estate company since 2014, it comes with plenty of reasonable advantages making us as one of the best real estate brokerage companies in Goa. Our Goa villas for sale list comprises a number of houses, villas, guesthouses and cottages in various locations of Goa.

Our policies include

  • We do not hike prices for real estate plots but have a transparent deal.
  • Every client is provided with sufficient options and individual concentration.
  • Clients preferences, requirements and so on are seriously taken into account to gain their trust.
  • We take immense steps to provide accurate and legitimate information regarding the real estate plot and follow all the rules and regulations of the local body.


  • Luxurystays key mission is to create and develop a reliable, up-to-date, sophisticated professional service –– one of its kind in the real estate market in Goa.
  • We have a team that constantly monitors and supervises the real estate market, looking out for innovative options so we can satisfy the growing need of our clients.
  • If you are looking to sell your luxury property you can be rest assured that you have come to the right place with the right marketing tools to propagate your property to global authenticated buyers.


Buying and Selling Of Property

If you are looking to purchase a luxury property in Goa we strive to meet your requirements and diverse needs. With hundreds of unique property listings, you will find that perfect dream home matching your desires. If you are looking for an oceanfront retreat, penthouse, beach property or Portuguese style property, our team of experts will guide you to cherry-pick.

Luxurystays real estate company takes pride is assisting you with our high quality professional services in the below directions:

  • Purchase /sale of Goan houses, cottages and villas.
  • Purchase /sale of residential and commercial property in Goa.
  • Purchase /sale of land plots in Goa.
  • Scrutinizing villas for sale in Goa based on every clients personal preference.
  • Assisting in the public registration of the real estate.
  • Assistance in residential sales.
  • Preparation of the required documents involved in the purchase/sale of a real estate.
  • Professional valuation of the property for sale in Goa by our team of experts.
  • Dedicated services for sellers/buyers.

Facts, large database, strong connections and market monitoring make Luxurystays real estate company your best and right choice. Our team is there to guide you through every step of the sale/purchase process. We will also assist you with the best buys in the best location at the right time, so you get to have a perfect deal.

Guidelines for a property sale in Goa for an NRI/ PIO

  • A valid PIO/OCI card issued by concerned authorities.
  • FEMA provisions during the time of purchase should have been met.
  • Goa’s civil code provides equal share on the property for both the spouses. Hence both of their signatures are mandatory in a deed or agreement.
  • The original document of ‘Sale Deed’ is a must. In case the property is under mortgage, both the parties (seller and buyer) must sign the MoU before the deal is finalized.
  • A “Nil Encumbrance Certificate” has to be obtained from the Sub registrar’s office, by submitting the “Sale Deed”.
  • Allotment letter and Share Certificate is necessary for a smooth deal.
  • A no Objection letter from society is mandatory.
  • The house tax and electricity meter must be in the name of the seller.
  • If the seller had purchased the property from another buyer, the possession letter and the certificate of total payment is a must.
  • Copy of house tax payment receipt and electricity bill is necessary.

Also if the buyer demands, the seller will also have to submit:

  • Ownership history for the past 25 years and title documents.
  • Development agreement between builders and landowners
  • Survey plan and survey index of the property
  • Land conversion sanad
  • Settlement zone certificate
  • PDA approval/ Town planning
  • Approved plans of construction license, construction & occupancy certificate.

Guidelines for a purchase of a property in Goa for an NRI/ PIO

    • A valid PIO/OCI card issued by concerned authorities.
    • FEMA provisions during the time of purchase should have been met.
    • Hire an experienced lawyer to verify and scrutinize the title documents.
    • Verify the Nil Encumbrance Certificate.
    • A probated will if it is an inherited property.
    • Check for all the No Objection Certificate
    • Property tax is fully paid
    • Land must not be labeled as “Agricultural Land”.
    • Analysis of municipal permissions, construction plan, penalty clauses and payment plan is recommended.
    • If the property is a house/ apartment title documents from the prior owner if any is mandatory.
    • Investigate on any construction or material defects before purchase.

Personalization and luxury

Villas come along with their own majestic aura letting you live the luxury life even while holidaying. Feel at home and enjoy every second of your stay in the holiday home. You are free to design your spaces and indulge in top notch ideas. Feel free to create that magical space with global facilities and amenities in the comforts of your holiday home.

Appreciation value and brilliant location

A luxury villa in a quiet neighborhood is mostly sought after, as it creates the perfect environment to reside with the family. Villas secluded yet close to the buzzing places are the most inviting.


Villas come with an interesting resale value. You are sure to end up making more money than when you invested. By renting the villa with the help of a management company you will be making enormous profits than you expected.

Best Privacy and Security

Unmatched privacy is what you get to enjoy with luxury villas serving right for a family party or get together. Pool side parties, barbecue sessions with music on the backdrop or watching a new movie in a home theatre is the perfect setting for a happy holiday. People often mistake villas to have less security because of their grandeur and vastness. However, a reliable security, and security cams guard your villa even when you are away.

FAQ’s for property buy/sell in Goa

Goa is one of the most beautiful holiday lands with endless stretches of sand, architectural heritage, green landscapes and sun kissed beaches. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea Goa is also known by the name “Pearl of the Ocean”. With a strong Portuguese influence for about 400 years, the land has a unique culture, warm hospitality with modern advancements.
We have won the trust and loyalty of clientele who concentrate on aesthetics, quality and time of delivery. We make sure you have a smooth transaction.
The plots are located in all the major locations in Goa with good connectivity, brilliant view and a mind blowing atmosphere.
Based on the location and other factors we provide both furnished and unfurnished homes.
This includes common spaces like lifts, lobby, stairs and the built up area. This term relates to multi-dwelling units.
This is the area that can be used in the apartment.
Yes, you can make a purchase and all the transfers, acquisition, remittance or transfer of security has to be done in agreement with the Foreign Exchange Management Policy, rules of the Reserve Bank of India or any other law.
Yes, all the government approvals are acquired before it is listed with us.
Yes, the registering authorities require PAN card details as it will be cited on the agreement. But, if you are an NRI, you can purchase by filling details on Form 60 along with the alternate address proof you have.
Yes, our legal advisor team will assist you in the process per the rules and regulations.
All forms of properties can be inherited by your heirs. This includes self-acquired property and ancestral property.
  • Passport size photos 3 copies
  • Allotment letter
  • Copy of Sale agreement/Buyer’s agreement
  • An Indian resident should also submit proof of Pan card, residence proof and Aadhar card.
We collect information regarding the property like location, survey numbers, status of the land, government records, survey of the plot, and location. This is fed into our database which grabs the attention of potential investors/ buyers/ sellers.
This is an authorized plan by the Goan government indicating the boundaries, identification via unique survey number, village jurisdiction, features of the plot and shape of the plot.
  • Along with the deed of sale you require the below document for sale of your property.
  • Deed of sale (old and new)
  • Mutation of the sellers name on I & XIV forms per the record of rights
  • Plan of Land survey
  • Zoning Certificate
  • Conversion Sanad
  • Construction License
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Inscription Certificate
  • Matriz certificate
  • Recent House tax receipt
  • Approved Building Plan
  • Legal opinion
  • Recent water and electricity bills
CRZ is a Coastal Regulatory Zone.
North Goa is the right place to invest because of its beautiful beaches and the amount of tourists it attracts. North Goa has plenty of options on various segments including local markets, entertainment, historic places, beaches and more. North Goa has an active life while South Goa remains calm and quiet most part of the year.

Luxurystays a Real Estate Company assists you in property documentation, property registration and property litigation. We go that extra mile to transform your sale/purchase of a property journey into a mind blowing experience. Every single detail is carefully scrutinized to make sure you hit the right deal with no disputes.

Our network guides you to the house of your dreams- making dreams a reality. Contact us and we will assist you in finding the right properties in Goa.

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